Genealogy & History

I have researched the families of my parents, and my husband's parents.


4 Generation Wingfield Family chart

My father Robert Terrell Wingfield: The Wingfield Family settled and has lived counties east of the Blue Ridge mountans including Campbell, Franklin, Appomattox, and Prince Edward Counties.

My mother Barbara Lee Burgess: The Burgesses moved from Matthews Co. on the Chesapeake Bay to Henry County just after the Revolution. They married into families from Patrick County and just over the border in North Carolina.

Wingfield and Burgess Families in 1900. This map includes every living ancestor's home in 1900. All are within about 150 miles, the Wingfields and Johnson within 25 miles.

Wingfield and Burgess Families in 1800. A few of the Burgess Family are scattered more widely, but the Wingfields and Johnsons are ALL located within 150 miles of each other.

Wingfield Early Settlers - Most early immigrants came directly to Virginia but there is a touch of New England through Sylvanus Foote who came south to Pulaski County from Massachusetts as a surveyor before 1835.

Ancestors and legal records

Jesse Bradley of Lee, Mass. and his expulsion from the Congregational Church

Phoebe Cabiness of Amelia and Franklin Counties, Va.

The Civil War -- an index to Wingfield and Burgess ancestors who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War


4 Generation Lund Family chart

JP's father Ralph Arnold Lund: The Lund Family was from Denmark. Ralph's parents immigrated in the 1910s to Connecticut.

JP's mother Ruth Almeda Haynes: The Haynes Family lived in New Hampshire starting in the early 1800s, coming from Massachusetts. They intermarried with several Canadian families, including Anglo-Irish immigrants and families of Loyalist decent. The latter left New York and New Jersey for New Brunswick in the 1780s.

Haynes Early Settlers - There are many early immigrants in the Haynes family, starting with a passenger on the Mayflower.

Early Settlers of Haverhill, Massachusetts

Ancestors and legal records Witch, pimp, traitor, counterfeiter? Yes and no...

Early New Hampshire settlers

Ancestors service in the Revolution

Henry Wanamaker of New Brunswick, Canada