Phillips Sawyer

of Foxborough, Massachussets

It seems there were 2 individuals named Phillips Sawyers in a period when one is reflected in the records found in most genealogies posted on the internet.

Massachusetts Vital Records lists Phillips Sawyer, born Apr. 12, 1746, s. Humphery and Hannah, in Newbury. He m. Mary Breed Apr. 22, 1773. The births of six children are recorded every 2 or 3 years through 1787 in Newbury in the Records of the Salem Friends Meeting. There is no death record in Newbury. Census records from 1800 on in Weare, NH seem to be this same man and his family. His age matches and many Breeds are in the same area.

There are also records of the marriage and deaths of Phillips Sawyer and Keziah Billings, and the birth of 4 children in Foxborough, MA. (This is the line I am interested in.) Genealogists often assume this is a later marriage of the same man; however, Phillips death in Feb. 10, 1837, a. 66 in Foxborough as recorded in Massachusetts Vital Records puts his projected birth year as 1771, 25 years after Phillips of Newbury's birth. This man was noted as being from Mansfield in his marriage record, but a search of Mansfield records show no Sawyers in the Vital Records, so this doesn't provide a lead on his antecedents.

The name "Phillips" provides some basis for presuming a family connection between the two Phillips. Hannah Phillips was Humphrey Sawyer's wife. They were parents of Phillips of Newbury. If there is a connection to this family by Phillips of Foxborough, there appear to be two possibilites. Phillips of Newbury may have been father of Phillips of Foxborough by an earlier wife (he was 27 at his marriage to Mary Breed). Alternately, Humphrey Sawyer's older son, Daniel, married Martha [--?--] early enough to be Phillips of Foxborough's father.

Items to be investigated include - Is there any record of an earlier marriage of Phillips Sawyer of Newbury? It would have been before 1771. and Where did Daniel and Martha live? Are there records of their offspring?

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