The Wilsons

of New Brunswick, Canada

Mary Emma Wilson in 1873
Mary Emma Wanamaker in 1873, age 19.
Married earlier in the year to John Wilson,
age 40, she is already pregnant with their
first daughter.

Ruth Lund's mother, Sarah Merinda Wilson Haynes (11), was a Canadian from Norton, Kings Co., N.B. Her father was Irish and her mother from families which originated in the United States (probably all Loyalist refugees). I have recently found 2 websites which have enabled me to discover a lot more about these families.

Private and public records accessible on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick site have verified many dates and relationships recorded in family records. I found official birth and marriage records for Minda herself; her parents' marriage (Mary Emma Wanamake (23) married John Wilson (22) in 1873); 3 later marriages for Mary Emma; and the death of Mary Emma's father John Wanamaker (46) on 30 March 1888.

Private cemetery records included John Wilson's burial at Christ Church Anglican-Bloomfield. Here the plot thickens. Family records only indicate that John Wilson immigrated from Ireland and that his father was named Thomas Wilson. Four Wilsons are interred together in the same plot at Christ Church. Sarah Wilson is about John's age and she would appear to be his sister. She is also seen in the 1881 census records as living in his household. The other 2 graves are for James Wilson, d. 1850, and his wife Margaret Wilson, d. 1871. Who are these couple if not John's parents?

The second resource I have found is on the Library and Archives Canada site. On this site are images of the 1851 census for, among other places, Norton, Kings Co., N.B. On page 41 appears a listing for Margaret Wilson, widow, and her four children: Martha age 22, Thomas age 20, John age 18, and Sarah age 15. They immigrated 15 years earler in June 1836. This record proves John Wilson's mother was Margaret, but also shows there was a Thomas Wilson in the family, although not his father.

The 1851 Census image for the Wanamakers (pg. 5, Norton, Kings, NB) indicate they were Dutch who were decendents of Loyalists (from New York or New Jersey?). There are entries for both Mary Emma's parents and grandparents.

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