Ephraim Elder, summary of Revolutionary War Pension Application

Revolutionary War Pension Application, 1831-37
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application of Martha Moore, widow; (also widow of Mark Moore, also a Va. Reg. soldier)
private, Virginia line
$80/year to begin 4 Mar 1843


Declaration 6 Apr 1843 in Campbell Co., VA
Martha Moore, aged 84
She was married to Ephraim Elder her first husband on the 16th day of July 1787. He was a soldier of the Virginia Continental Line, for the term of three years. He died in 1800.
signed with an x

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Declaration 6 Apr 1843 in Campbell Co., VA
James S. Jones. J.P.- character witness


married the 16th day of July 1787. Ephraim Elder to Patsy Matthews
Charlotte Co. registrar affirms this a true copy of the record


letter from 1939, answer to a request for the Revolutionary record of EE
He served in Capt. Kilpatrick's Virginia company, and in Col.s Campbell's and Mason's Va. regiments, and was at the Siege of Yorktown, length of service 3 years. Her claim was allowed.

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