The Civil War and Our Ancestors

Every Wingfield/Burgess male ancestor who was not too young or too old served in the Army of the Confederacy from Virginia, all 7 of them. The Lund/Haynes family with it's New England, Canadian and Danish origins, had only one U.S. citizen of an appropriate age to serve for the Union, but there is no record that Moody Bedell Haynes did serve.

The Wingfields
William Henry Wingfield
b. 1826
William Preston Wingfield
b. 1861
Letitia Bennett
b. 1930
Willie Bob Wingfield
b. 1900
Robert Elder
b. 1837
Nannie Bob Elder
b. 1863
Nannie Foster
b. 1838
Robert Terrell Wingfield
b. 1925
William Robert Johnson
b. 1842
Daniel Wellington Johnson
b. 1879
Alice Cora Dickerson
b. 1848
Amye Beatrice Johnson
b. 1903
John J. Durrum
b. 1843
Cora Fannie Durrum
b. 1882
Ann R. Harvey
b. 1848


The Burgesses
John Burgess, III
b. 1800
John Henry Burgess
b. 1831
Polly Weaver
b. 1797
Robert Lee Burgess
b. 1871
Abram Penn Foster
b. 1813
Mary Dalton Foster
b. 1844
Mary Jane Critz
b. 1821
Barbara Lee Burgess
b. 1931
Charles Fletcher Douthat 
b. 1839
Charles Edward Douthat
b. 1865
Mary Fletcher Foote
b. 1841
Mary Douthat
b. 1889
Martin Weiser
b. 1837
Nannie Elizabeth Weiser
b. 1868
Elmira Jane Creger
b. 1847


4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company A, raised in Wythe Co. - Martin Weiser

11th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company C, raised in Campbell Co. - Wm Henry Wingfield

18th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company C - Wm Johnson

42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment - 10 companies from the central and southwestern parts of Virginia.
Company A - Henry Volunteers, Henry Co. - John Burgess
Company I - Campbell Guards, Campbell Co. - Robert Elder

10th Virginia Cavalry - John Burgess

37th Battalion, Virginia Calvary (Dunn's Battalion, Partisan Rangers) - Charles F. Douthat

Stark's Battalion, Capt. McComas's Battery, Va. Light Artillery, raised from Giles Co. - C.F. Douthat

McIntosh's Battalion, Capt. Cluttir's Co., Va. Light Artillery - John Durrum
  also called Jackson Flying Battalion, raised in Richmond


Appomattox Courthouse - Corporal Wm Johnson surrendered Company C, 18th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 09 April 1865

Gettysburg - John Durrum, captured at Fountaindale June 28, 1863 during troop movements leading up to Gettysburg

Kernstown, 1st battle - John Burgess

Manassas, 1st battle - Martin Weiser injured July 21, 1862

Manassas, 2nd battle - Wm Henry Wingfield injured August 30, 1862

Spotsylvania Courthhouse - Robert Elder captured May 12, 1864

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