William Preston Wingfield, 1861-1931

William Preston Wingfield (24) was born on 10 Jul 1861 at Gladys, Campbell Co., Virginia. He was the the second son and fifth child of William Henry Wingfield (48) (b. 2 Jan 1826, d. 26 Dec 1907) and Letitia Bennett (49) (b. 1 May 1830, d. 24 Jun 1907). His father was a properous tobacco farmer, (known as "Captain") who was also involved in local development and civic activities. On 28 Jan 1885 at age 23 he married Sue L. Elder (25), daughter of Robert B. Elder (50) (b. 20 Apr 1837, d. 1 Oct 1900) and Nancy Elizabeth Foster (51) (b. 12 Sep 1838, d. 22 Jan 1907), in Campbell Co., Virginia. By 1900 his wife went by the name Nannie Bob, perhaps taken from her parents names.

In 1886, a year after their marriage, his father-in-law sold him a house and acre of land in Campbell Co. for a nominal amount ($4). [1] The growing family lived in Campbell Co. for about the next 15 years. They moved to Lynchburg about the time their youngest child, Willie Bob, was born in 1900. William was a farmer until that time. Once relocated in town, he engaged in various enterprises, including cartage ('proprietor' in the 'freight transfer' business) and owned a gas station (see his death certificate). The family lived on Tulip Street, overlooking the river south of downtown, near the train tracks.

The family included seven children. Family and census records included their first names, and I found a posting on-line, presumably made by some cousin, which included middle names and other details. This has been an object lesson in taking undocumented information with a big grain of salt, since further research has shown that most of these middle names were incorrect.

These offspring all lived to adulthood and led steady, mostly blue-collar, lives.
   F  Ella Frances Wingfield 
       Birth*   26 Nov 1885 Campbell Co., Virginia.
    Marriage*    1 Mar 1910 Raymond Prescott Viar (b. 4
                            Oct 1882, d. 22 Apr 1960);
                            Lynchburg, Virginia.
         Son:   Everitt Viar, b. abt. 1911 (not in 1930 census)
         Son:   Earl Viar, b. abt. 1913
    Daughter:   Evelyn F. Viar, b. abt. May 1915	
         Son:   Elwood P. Viar, b. abt. Sept. 1917 
         Son:   Emmett M. Viar, b. abt. 1921	
       Death*    5 Sep 1942 Lynchburg, Virginia age 57.  
Her husband worked for the foundary, working as a pattern maker in 1920 and 
as a department superintendant in 1930. They lived on Main Street, in the 
same neighborhood as Tulip St.                      
   F  Gertrude Holmes Wingfield 
    Name-Var:   __ ___ ____ Gertavoe
   Name-Nick:   __ ___ ____ Gertie
       Birth*   __ Sep 1888 Virginia.
    Marriage*   26 Jan 1911 Daniel Henry Hubbard (b. 24
                            May 1882, d. after 1930)
       Death*   __ ___ 1962 Virginia age 74.
Her husband was a railroad engineer. They lived on Union Street, also near 
Tulip St.
   F  Flora Samuel Wingfield 
       Birth*    6 Dec 1889 Campbell Co., Virginia.
    Marriage*    3 Oct 1919 William Dolphus Holt (b. 1 Aug
                            1881, d. before 1990)
         Son:   Daniel S. Holt, b. 11 May 1921, Virginia; 
			    d. 2 June 1999 in Roanoke, Va.
         Son:   Fred C. Holt, b. abt. 1926 in Va.	
       Death*   __ May 1983 Roanoke, Virginia age 94.
Her husband was factory clerk. She was almost 30 when she married and her
husband had 2 children by an earlier marriage. They lived in Roanoke.
   M  Conrad Elder Wingfield
    Name-Var:   Conrad Barksdale Wingfield (listed as Conrad 
			    B.E. Wingfield in 1930 census)
       Birth*    3 Dec 1892 Brookneal, Campbell Co., Virginia.
    Marriage*   __ Dec 1913 Carrie L. Walton (b. circa 1895, d. bef. 1977)
    Daughter:   Virginia A. Wingfield, b. c. Aug. 1915
         Son:   Leighton (Layton) W. Wingfield, b. c. Aug. 
			    1916 , d. aft. 1930, prb. bef. 1940.
         Son:   Conrad E. Barksdale Wingfield, Jr., 
			    b. 22 Nov. 1919, d. 10 Dec. 1998
       Death*   __ Nov 1977 Lynchburg, Virginia age almost 85.
They lived on Tulip St., and later Main Street, in the same neighborhood, 
quite close to the Viars. He was a railroad locamotive fireman, and Carrie 
worked in a shoe factory in 1930.      
   M  Ralph William Wingfield
    Name-Var:   __ ___ ____ Ralph Preston Wingfield
       Birth*   19 Apr 1895 Brookneal, Campbell Co., Virginia.
    Marriage*    7 Aug 1915 Alice R. Monaghan (b. circa 1898
                            in Irish Free State); Hanover 
			    Co., Virginia (suspect).
         Son:    Ralph William Wingfield Jr.; b. c.May 
                            1915 Lynchburg, Virginia.
    Daughter:    Muriel C. Wingfield; b. 28 Sep 1918 
                            Lynchburg, Virginia.
       Death*   __ May 1969 Virginia age 74.
He married a woman born in Ireland, whose mother was American. Alice was raised in
Campbell, County. Their son was raised as a Catholic, demonstrating that this was
her religion. He was a bookkeeper and later salesman at the foundary. In 1920 they lived 
on Main St. near Tulip St., and in 1930 on Westover Blvd., next door to Willie Bob.
   F  Ardis C. Wingfield
       Birth*   19 Jan 1899 Virginia.
    Marriage*   __ ___ 1928 Herbert Quinten Cox (4 Jul 1900,
                            d. May 1975)
    Daughter:   Nan Catherine Cox, b. 28 Sep 1929
			    Lynchburg, Virginia.
       Death*   __ Nov 1983 Califon, Hunterdon Co., N.J. age 84.
Her husband was a newpaper printer in 1920, before their marriage. They moved 
to Bluefield, W.Va. after the birth of their daughter. It was through this cousin
that Barbara Burgess met her future husband Terry Wingfield, son of Willie Bob.
   M  Willie Bob Wingfield
       Birth*   19 Nov 1900 Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia.
    Marriage*   23 Jan 1923 Amye Beatrice Johnson (b. 23
                            Jan 1903, d. Feb 1991), daughter of
                            Daniel Wellington Johnson and Cora Francis Durrum;                            
                            Lynchburg, Virginia.
         Son:   Dr. Robert Terrell Wingfield; b. 19 Jan 1925 
                            Lynchburg, Virginia.
       Death*   22 Sep 1983 Lynchburg, Virginia age 82.
He was a machinist. He lived on Tulip St. with his parents in 1920, and on 
Westover Blvd., next door to his brother Ralph, in 1930. 

Fond family stories were told about the Elders, and pictures survive of some of them, but relations with the Wingfields seem to have been cooler. In the end, however, William Preston was buried in the Wingfield family cemetery in Campbell County.

William Preston died on 19 Jan 1931 at Lynchburg, Virginia, at age 69. He was buried on 21 Jan 1931 in Campbell County. At his death he was living with his son Ralph in Lynchburg, but in April 1930 the census shows him living in Brookneal, working as a retail grocery merchant. His wife Nanny was in Willie Bob's household, listed as a widow.

[1] Campbell Co. Deed Book 47, 1886-1887, pg. 144 (reel 78, Campbell Co. records, LVA)
Summary: On July 9, 1886, transaction between Robt. Elder and W.D. Jennings and W.P. Wingfield who paid $4 for lot of land at the Junction of the Brookneal and Campbell Court-house road and the Brookneal & Green Hill road. Containing 1 acre.

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