The Bennett Family

Letitia Bennett

Letitia Bennett was born on 1 May 1830 at Franklin Co., VA and died on 24 Jun 1907 at Campbell Co., VA, at age 77. She married Capt. William Henry Wingfield, son of William Pinckney Wingfield and Mary Brooks Tench, on 10 Jan 1854 at Franklin Co., VA. He was born on 2 Jan 1826 in Rockingham Co., NC and died on 26 Dec 1907 in Campbell Co., VA, at age 81. They raised 9 children in Campbell Co., VA.

She is the offspring of

Stephen Preston Bennett

Stephen Preston Bennett was born on 24 Feb 1805 at Franklin Co., VA and died on 1 Jan 1876 at Franklin Co., VA, at age 70. He married Polly Belcher, daughter of, perhaps, Benjamin Belcher and, certainly, Prudence Belcher, on 24 Apr 1829 at Franklin Co., VA. (Prudence's husband is still unproven.) Polly was born on 14 Feb 1807 at Franklin Co., VA and died on 25 Jul 1859 at Franklin Co., VA, at age 62. They had 9 children in Franklin Co., Va.

He is the offspring of

Micajah Wheeler Bennett

Micajah Wheeler Bennett was born say 1770 and died 24 May 1810 in Franklin County, Virginia. He married Patcy Pullen, daughter of Thomas Pullen and Margaret Adams, on 20 Aug. 1799 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. She was born say 1775 and died after 1813. They had 4 children who grew up in Franklin Co., Va.

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